LWY TSC 2019-2021 Newsletter Archive

13/07/21: Our final LWY TSC message to system leaders across our region:

Dear Colleagues,
We do hope our last LWY TSC newsletter finds you, your colleagues, wider collaborations and friends well and looking forward to a well-deserved break or holiday very soon. As ever, system leaders in LWY have continued to display resilience in challenging times and as we transition into a new system, we wish to pass on our heartfelt appreciation for all you have done and will continue to do supporting connectivity and collaboration for all schools in LWY.
Within this newsletter are updates on the 21/22 School Improvement offer; our base TSC commissioned trust (Great Heights Academy Trust via Amanda Bennett) has been commissioned next year to continue the promotion of this offer. The team, including your sub-regional leaders whom you know so well, will continue in roles supporting and matching system leaders and connecting the offer to the broader LWY landscape. Do look out for future comms as we refocus our newsletter to this theme and reaffirm our recipient lists with you all.
Kindest regards,

Amanda Bennett & Angela Holdsworth
Lancashire and West Yorkshire’s representatives for the national TSC
supported by
Gill Robinson, Tessa Mason & Baljit Birring
and sub-regional co-ordination teams led by
Cheryl Brindle, Michael Tonge, Jen Murphy and Liz Whetham