Trust Policies

Accessibility Plan

Trust Admissions Policies

Calderdale Schools’ Admissions Policy
Carlinghow Academy’s Admissions Policy
Raynville Academy’s Admissions Policy
Anti-Bullying Policy
Behaviour, Exclusion & Restraint Policy
addendum – Exclusion Policy
Bullying and Harrassment Policy
Business Continuity Plan – 2019
Capability Policy 2021
Complaints Policy
Complaints Booklet for Parents
Conflicts of Interest Policy
Data Protection
DBS Policy and Procedures
Emergency Management & Business Continuity Plan
Equality Policy
Fire Safety Policy
Freedom of Information
Fundraising Policy – 2019
Health and Safety Policy
Legionella Policy – 2019
Medical Policy
Non-Smoking Policy – 2019
Preventing Radicalisation Policy

Trust Privacy Policies

Privacy Notice – Parents & Pupils
Privacy Notice – Employment
Privacy Notice – Supply & Agency Staff
Privacy Notice – Volunteers
Privacy Notice – Complaints
Privacy Notice – Websites
Relationships, Sex & Health Edcuation (RSHE) Policy
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
Safer Recruitment and Safeguarding Children – 2018
School Visits Policy
Security Policy – 2021
Violence to Staff Policy
Write-off Policy
Whistleblowing Policy
Whole School Food Policy – 2019

National Policies

Keeping Children Safe In Education, Sept 2021
Keeping Children Safe In Education – Part 1, Sept 2021
Regulated Activity In Relation To Children: Scope

Calderdale Policies

Admissions Timetable
Child Protection Procedures 2019