Great Heights Partner Provision

Great Heights Partner Provision provides a high quality alternative education for children and young people with health (including social, emotional and mental health) or medical needs.

Our provision is available for all children of compulsory school age residing in the Kirklees Local Authority area who cannot attend school because of illness and health needs. We aim to work closely with mainstream schools to ensure pupils are provided with the same opportunities and education as their peers.

The provision is accessed via referral from the mainstream school and must be supported by medical advice from a consultant.

Contact details:
Lianne De Villiers – Head of Partner Provision
Call: 07483 362988

How teaching is delivered

Great Heights Partner Provision provides education based on an individual assessment of a pupil’s needs and what their medical conditions allow. Teaching is delivered in a range of ways, including:

  • 1:1 education (in severe medical cases)
  • Outreach education (in severe medical cases)
  • Group education
  • Paired education
  • Remote learning/online learning

The aim of the provision is, where possible, to support the pupil towards reintegration back into mainstream education when they are well enough.

We have a range of staff with extensive knowledge of supporting pupils who are unable to access mainstream school, including a Personal Development and Wellbeing Coach, a primary specialist and a range of secondary trained specialists.