How does Great Heights Trust
support improved outcomes for all pupils?

• We have Trust team support offers to ensure effectiveness of provision. Including in-house finance, business management, HR, governance & leadership, workforce development & school effectiveness, curriculum and teaching and learning. See our in-house structure of support and Trust organogram.
• We prioritise ensuring we have good knowledge of the needs and challenges faced by each Trust school and access to bespoke improvement planning.
• A timetable of access to systematic and rigorous monitoring and evaluation of all major aspects to enable any issues to be found and appropriate support/intervention to be planned and implemented including …

  • Effectiveness of leadership and management
  • Quality of teaching and learning
  • Performance and progress of different groups of pupils
  • Accuracy of assessment and predictions
  • Appropriateness of the curriculum
  • Standards of behaviour

• Access to a wide variety of monitoring methods including: formal observations, learning walks, peer review, data analysis, work scrutiny, feedback from pupils and parents.
• Ongoing access to – staff development opportunities, research informed evidence of what works well, development of knowledge rich bespoke curriculum offers and access to leadership and management expertise.
• Effective team offers including support to develop school culture & Ethos, Curriculum & teaching and Organizational Effectiveness (Headteacher Standards)