Tessa Mason

Tessa Mason, FCCT FRSA MEd, is a highly experienced education adviser for both cross-phase MATs and the maintained schools’ sector; she has strong, recent expertise and experience in leading and managing regional system change (TDA/ NCSL, DfE, TSC, TSHC) implementing new and existing education policy, and the brokerage, monitoring and commissioning of school improvement from system leaders and strong academy trusts.  Tessa has operated as a commissioned senior regional adviser in LWY and YH in STSS (2016-20), more recently in the Covid Support Programme (2020/21) and Trust and School Improvement Offer (TSIO 21/22) and is used to working in close partnership with DfE colleagues and regional teams to achieve policy outcomes.  She has worked as a strategic adviser, mentor and coach to a large number of MAT CEOs and executive leaders, and is the Chair of BDAT, a large and very successful diocesan CoE MAT based in the opportunity area of Bradford and reaching out across West Yorkshire. Tessa is very well researched, and up to date in terms of the current shaping of the educational landscape to provide the essential architecture of school improvement, consistent with mandatory compliance, the intentions of the TSIO in 22/23 and the implementation of the draft White Paper 2022.